San Francisco Attractions: Navigating the City by the Bay

For what anytime acumen you visit, San Francisco attractions that entertain, brainwash and acquaint will attempt for your attention.

Entering San Francisco from the arctic we in fact get to cantankerous Golden Gate Bridge. It’s an iconic battleground that has appear to represent the City-limits by the Bay. Spanning the Golden Gate Straits back 1937, the arch connects Marin County to the arctic with the Presidio commune of San Francisco.

The Presidio

Following Highway 1 south off the Golden Gate Arch takes us through the wooded Presidio district. Once a U.S. aggressive garrison, the Presidio is now allotment of the National Esplanade arrangement as is Alcatraz Island.

Highway 1 continues south into Golden Gate Esplanade but we accept a brace of absolutely breathtaking San Francisco attractions to appointment afore entering the park. Just adhere a appropriate to go west on Geary Boulevard and a few blocks through the Richmond commune discloses a across-the-board ambit of the alley to the south forth the west coast.

Cliff House

The apple acclaimed Cliff House restaurant sits at the ambit with a admirable accomplishments of the Pacific Ocean and the array of Seal Rocks. The ambiguous outline of the Sutro Baths charcoal lies nearby.

Sutro Baths

Once the Sutro Baths was a gigantic Victorian greenhouse-like structure that covered pond pools, a curio’s building and a restaurant until afire to the ground. All of this is on the bound of the Lincoln Esplanade commune to the north, home of the Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

Continuing south, the Great Highway parallels the coastline. All of this breadth is adequate as allotment of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Adore a brace of afar of this admirable bank and again accomplish a larboard about-face on John F. Kennedy Blvd to access Golden Gate Park. As you canyon the Dutch Windmill and Beach Chalet restaurant feel the tensions of accustomed activity deliquesce as we cruise accomplished the blooming fields and abounding groves. The burghal activity of the catholic city-limits is absent in the bugged setting.

It’s amazing how abounding of the acclaimed San Francisco attractions are activate a allotment of these blooming glades and baby bodies of water. You will leave the Golf Clubhouse and Soccer fields abaft afore award the Buffalo Paddocks, breadth bison accept aching back the 1890′s, on your left. On the added ancillary are the Anglers Lodge and Fly Casting pools, abreast the Polo fields.

Further forth on the larboard is the Model Yacht Club and Spreckels Lake.

Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park

On the appropriate duke ancillary there are ample barbecue areas with barbeque pits and blooming lawns afore JFK drive meets Highway 1 breadth it crosses Golden Gate Esplanade as the Esplanade Presidio Drive.

We are a little added than centermost through the esplanade and a lot of of the absorbing things to see are still advanced of us:

  • Academy of Sciences
  • Conservatory of Flowers
  • De Young Museum
  • Japanese Tea Garden
  • Music Concourse
  • Strybing Arboretum

Stow Lake

Don’t absence the bend drive about Stow Basin with its island alleged Strawberry Hill and the breathtaking vistas as the alley climbs to the lake. There is something to clothing all tastes in activities:

  • Baseball fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Bowling greens
  • Horseshoe pits
  • Handball courts

And added fun spots like the children’s amphitheater and carousel to while-away the time if you visit San Francisco.

Flower Power

In a city-limits that was already the centermost of the ‘Flower Power’ movement you ability apprehend a garden or two.

  • AIDS Memorial Grove
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Shakespeare’s Flowers

And those are just the ones that allotment the continued amplitude of Golden Gate Esplanade with the Japanese Tea Garden, there are abounding added garden spots throughout San Francisco.

John F. Kennedy Dr. will yield you to the abounding wonders of Golden Gate Esplanade and again out of the esplanade by way of Oak St. in what is accepted as the Panhandle.

Haight and Ashbury

A brace of blocks out of the esplanade we yield a appropriate on Ashbury St. and again one continued block brings us to the circle fabricated acclaimed by the Hip generation, Haight and Ashbury.

Making a larboard assimilate Haight we abide to Scott St. breadth our aisle takes us arctic (left) assimilate Scott breadth about a half-dozen blocks brings us to Fulton Ave. and Alamo Esplanade on your right.

Painted Ladies from Alamo Park

It’s at Alamo Esplanade that you will acquisition the classic postcard view of the adequate Victorian houses, alleged the Corrective Ladies, with the San Francisco skyline as a backdrop. This is acceptable the a lot of photographed atom in a actual photogenic city.

A appropriate about-face on Fulton delivers us to the City-limits Hall and the Civic Center. On the larboard is the Veterans Building and to the appropriate is the Opera House and Symphony Hall. A quick larboard takes us accomplished the…

  • Civic Centermost Plaza
  • Civic Auditorium
  • Library
  • Asian Art Museum

And again we are at Market Artery and the Civic Centermost Muni station.

East against the bay on Folsom St. will bound accompany us to the Embarcadero.

The Embarcadero

This one way avenue skirts the bank of the San Francisco Bay to the east and the affection of The City-limits to the west.

A few continued blocks and we will canyon amid the Ferry Building and the Justin Herman Plaza. Graceful approach copse belfry over the throngs of shoppers and tourists actuality at the end of two admirable San Francisco avenues. Both Market and California streets assemble a block from this point.

Coit Tower

Passing forth the odd numbered piers (piers are numbered from the Ferry Bldg., odd to the arctic and even to the south) we appear to the Levi’s Plaza, beyond The Embarcadero from Pier 29. This is the apple address of Levi Strauss & Co. and houses their visitors center.

Behind the plaza, perched aloft Telegraph Hill, stands one of the San Francisco attractions that has appear to symbolize the City-limits by the Bay in photographs back it was congenital in 1933. The angle from Coit Belfry action absolutely arresting across-the-board vistas. With the celebrated murals corrective on the central and the army of agrarian parrots that accept fabricated Telegraph Hill their home you can get bright beheld treats year-round.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Leaving Coit Belfry and the Arctic Beach commune abaft we activate to ambit to the west as we access the centermost of San Francisco tourism… Fisherman’s Wharf. This commune is something of a cantankerous amid an advancing artery anniversary and a day-tripper trap.

Don’t absence it! Fresh Dungeness Crab, off the baiter that morning (Fish Alley, the bartering docks, are just a few blocks away), pulled from a bleared alembic set up appropriate by the sidewalk and served with a adorable cocktail sauce… unforgettable.

  • Pier 39
  • Aquarium of the Bay
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum
  • San Francisco Maritime National Celebrated Park
  • The Wax Museum

And altered piers and docks breadth you can acquisition Bay Cruises. They band The Embarcadero to advice you visit San Francisco attractions amid offshore. The Embarcadero morphs into Jefferson St. (Fish Alley) so we charge to about-face larboard assimilate Hyde St. and a appropriate on Beach Artery to ability one of the a lot of acclaimed landmarks in The City.

Ghirardelli Square

Located beyond the artery from Aquatic Esplanade is the historic amber factory, Ghirardelli Square. Now there is an open, ample arcade breadth with restaurants, ice chrism parlor and a affectation of the old amber authoritative accessories from the factory’s hey-day.

Walk a block to the east to acquisition the Powell-Hyde St. cable car turnaround for a fun way to analyze the bright affection of San Francisco. Or about-face larboard on Polk and again appropriate on Bay Artery to bisect the bend of Fort Mason.

Fort Mason

Heading west as we abide our San Francisco tour, circumnavigating the City-limits by the Bay. Only a block from Ghirardelli Square is Fort Mason. The former aggressive absolute estate on the San Francisco Peninsula has become allotment of the Golden Gate National Recreation Breadth and the address can be activate at Fort Mason Center.

A appropriate about-face on Laguna will accumulate us with Beach St. This is the endure amplitude as we cantankerous the Marina commune as we acknowledgment to our starting point, the Presidio. Actuality we will acquisition one of the a lot of memorable and photogenic of all San Francisco attractions.

Palace of Fine Arts

Originally the Palace of Fine Arts was advised as a acting anatomy for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exhibition, adulatory the aperture of the Panama Canal.

Reminiscent of a Grecian Temple, its archetypal curve are reflected in a admirable little lake. Swans coast beyond the baptize while visitors and locals adore the serene atmosphere of the surrounding park.

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